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Nov 29, 2013 6:00am PST
technology community and our technology economy across our country and now we get to continue to play a role in being a leader bringing technology solutions to improve the lives of our residents here in our city. it's been a privilege to work on this project and to lead this effort the last two years and look forward to bringing the broader vision of free wi-fi across san francisco in the next few years with all the partners behind me today. this has been a strong collaboration on behalf of a lot of partners. in particular, google, sf city, our recreation and park department as well as our department of technology, and i want to thank all of those involved. this project started a little over two years ago with a conversation i had with an old family friend from google. and i want to take a moment to thank the entire google team that worked on this project. it's been two years, so, it's touched a lot of desks and had a lot of approvals and in particular want to thank veronika bell who is here from google for stepping p. up. google is providing a financial gift of $600,000 to turn this into a
Dec 1, 2013 12:30am EST
of accessed american technology. i think it was amsc, american superconductor. the american company got no satisfaction in the chinese court system. the chinese company subsequently tried to export that same technology back to the united states where they did run into legal trouble. i think it was the fbi is bringing suit. it is a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the chinese side. does that offer any source of optimism, a glimmer of hope, there may be a market or a legal way of addressing cyber espionage? >> who wants to take that? >> the case is new, the special in the larger picture because it involves an austrian subsidiary of american semiconductor, in which an austrian employee, and the good old-fashioned way, to deliver information software to the chinese company. it is not a case of commercial espionage only done through the internet. there's a very important human element, which explains why custom much visibility as well, because of that law. >> are you talking about american superconductor? >> that is a different case. it involves the development of wind turbine technology.
Nov 25, 2013 8:30am PST
which is assistive technology reclaiming independence in the community and the presentation will be given but councilmember derek czar zarda our very own. >> control room if you want to go ahead and put on the powerpoint presentation at the very beginning that would be fine. thank you. >> good afternoon counsel. my name is derek zarda i'm also besides being a councilmember an assistive technology coordinate at the center for independent living in san francisco i'm here to talk to you about assistive technology what it is and its role. but first i'd like to talk a little bit about what our center is about. so independent living resource center of san francisco, we are a disability rights advocacy organization that works to support and empower people with disabilities in leading independent lives and being active in their community and we champion the independent living philosophy. that the person with the disability takes the lead role advertise identifies what their needs are and creating steps to achieve those goals. i'm really proud that we have ninety percent mysel
Nov 28, 2013 5:00am PST
and others in the technology world in the city likewise our officers to save time and allowing them to use smart phones that are connected no to the system that our attorney general has. we also invested in the community ambassador program to get them trained. those are residents of people that live in the tenderloin south of market in the bay view or vigilance valley they're walking the streets they can be the additional eyes and areas working with our police department having phones that are freely provide bit at&t and he greeting passengers on the muni stops we've had some trouble with. you looked at the data and they've improved drastically so thank you to the ambassadors program. overall our cities crime data is showing we're in the right direction homicides are down over 35 percent and shootings down between 15 and 20 percent. we want to continue that direction as we get towards year-end the police chief and i are making sure this continues. and the shoppers mayor we're going to make sure that everyone has a safe experience. we're going to be an attractive city and a part of the reas
Nov 24, 2013 8:00am EST
that is developing the technology. >>> a program that honors veterans at the twilight of their lives. but first, a special treat as we approach black friday and the start of the holiday shopping season. military times scout editor rob curtis joins us in the studio to share his top picks for your holiday trooper this season. rob, welcome back to the show. >> thanks, vago. >> let's start. have you an assortment of gear that folks should be looking at. i want to bring one thing up here which is a garmen gps watch. >> that thing is brand new. a garmen tactics watch. it is new in the last couple of weeks. no one has seen it yet. it is a really cool watch that has all of the features that you would expect from a standard gps and all shrunk down into a wrist watch form and what is interesting about this, it is a branch of the phoenix line that they have had out for about a year now and they hardened the watch. blacked it out. it is called murdered out. and it has that cool inverse lcd monitor. and they have actually taken that watch and put a real crystal in the front, and prior versions had lack of -
Nov 30, 2013 8:30pm EST
technology is changing the banking and investment. political strategist talks about the future of the republican party. later, at discussion on cyber attacks and asked be a notch. the espionage. at how technology is impacting banking and investment. this our the half discussion was part of chicago ideas week and includes conversations between entrepreneurs. >> ladies and gentlemen about please well, founder of sentencee -- laid with, please welcome founder of tastytrade -- ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the founder of tastytrade, tom sosnoff. >> i get to look at a picture of myself. they say you come up after gop. i said what is that? grace of god. a huge discovery. how are you? thank you for coming out today. it is going to be an incredible show we have. five amazing speakers, entrepreneurs, interesting people. you will enjoy them. and givingbout -- the last couple of people a few seconds to come out. my name is tom sosnoff and i have been in the chicago money world for a pretty long time, almost 33 years. i started and build think or mediand now we have a company called
Al Jazeera America
Nov 24, 2013 3:00am EST
's concerns that's not possible. the technology has been localized for iran's development. and the nuclear technology has been attained and acquired with the efforts by the iranian young people and scholars and university provers -- prove source, and the trend will continue in the future and we are prepared to cooperate with the world and iaea in this regard in order to fully eliminate ambiguities that have been created. >> i deem it necessary to say the success obtained is offered by the guidelines of the islamic revolution, and also the full support by the iranian nation, and also the efforts made by the diplomats who shouldered the negotiations and also other organizations such as the security council and the parliament. and all the others that helped the government and hopefully their assistance will continue. i also wish to commemorate the late imam and - by following his path our nation treads the path of resistance and independence and they learned how to tread this path, and i also wish to appreciate the guidelines offered by the leader of the islamic revolution and his guidelines
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 2:30am EST
through certain technology, rather than what they are really talking about, so the material is more important than content. >> the global village is at once as wide as the planet and as small as a little town where everybody is maliciously engaged in poking his nose into everybody else's business. village people aren't that much in love with each other... and the global village is a place of very arduous interfaces and very abrasive situations. >> look at, for instance, the coverage of the syrian uprising turned civil war. most on the coverage on the ground is actually coming from people in front of their laptops or literally operating out of mobile phones. these connections would have been unheard of, had it not been for the technology itself, so for once one could feel, you know, both connected and perhaps even empathetic with the human experiences of others that are extremely distant and share little to no experiences in common. >> obviously, one of the extraordinary things about the arab spring is that it's the first major series of moments in history that were both in part made
Nov 27, 2013 4:00am EST
-- >> yeah. >> you don't know for sure. because you don't have a model for the technology. >> no, but we know the industry sees ccs technology as a pathway forward. we also see it as one available to it in ones we're hoping with d.o.e. assistance it will continue to progress and get less and less expensive. that's how technology gets developed. but in this case, all of the components of ccs as well as those together have been demonstrated over and over as being viable and effective and we believe they will be the path forward for coal. coal is a big pot of our energy supply. i know, it's going to continue to be a big pot of our energy supply. we've tried very hard to make sure that we look at the technologies available to it today so it continues to have a path forward. >> but we don't tend use research funds for things that are already been determined adequately demonstrated? we're using research funds to try to prove this up you're using it as an example adequately demonstrated. it doesn't make sense. >> we are coordinating closely with d.o.e. and if you have listened and heard from the d.o
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am EST
. this is a technology angle to the whole thing. wolves or been lone lone wolf packs since mankind grouped together and crawled out of the cave. it is well documented that a certain percentage of us one to four percent is just nuts. people. guns and kills motivated by ideology or somebody just going over the edge and killing a handful of people, it is part of human nature. the question is, how does technology provide tools to these nuts to do harm? as that technology gets more lethal and more available, the impact of those lone wolf packs grows exponentially. it used to be that just a few guns or a handful of hand grenades or even a panel truck with fertilizer, you could kill maybe hundreds of people. one person could kill four or 500 people. timothy mcveigh is the most successful lone wolf we have seen in 100 years. what technology is making available today, what will it make available 20 years from now? 30 or 4050 years from now? gene sequencers are available on the internet. can grow unthinkable biological organisms are graduating daily. who tellsiochemist you it only takes a bachelors degree to
Nov 26, 2013 4:00pm EST
and technology and how science and technology is changing our society for almost 17 years now. we have been the host and the home of her international center for terrorism studies had up by professor yonah alexander and i think most people here would agree and understand that the center that yonah heads is one of the most foremost institutions in the world focusing on all aspects of terrorism. professor alexander's group has looked at from a study being published documents on every conceivable realm and aspect of terrorism for many years. he personally is an offer mac of over 100 books on the subject and we are quite proud here at the potomac institute to be the home of his academic efforts. we are also privileged to have partnered with the international wall institute and professor wallace is here representing them as he always has with the international institute and for well over a decade we have partnered with v. ili and professor wallace to bring you these seminars and discussions. today we are focusing and going to have high hope a very spirited discussion presentation followed by que
Dec 1, 2013 4:40pm EST
to recommend some people in finance and technology. i did not go further than our own backyard. she is now the ceo of you introduce to you the next generation of finance on the local platform. hey, kristi. >> hey. [applause] >> thank you. thank you for coming out. as tom said, i am the ceo of dough. in my background, i came from sink or swim. i have 20 years of experience in around the trading industry. i would say that these last two years, i have been in financial media. i have learned a lot. what we have done now is that we have pulled together all of our experience from sink or swim and we have rolled it into a company called dough. right now, we believe that the industry is right for innovation. we have -- let me just get my slides here -- one of the things that we truly believe is that brokerage firms and wealth managers have an opportunity to tap into that younger generation. we think there needs to be a new approach, but with a new visual and with a new design. and we need to go to that younger generation with how they use technology today. they are highly mobile. they h
FOX Business
Nov 28, 2013 2:00pm EST
in a span of less than nasa now a company called space access invented technology to make a launching rockets much cheaper and it makes the money. >> continues the mission to resply the international space station from u.s. soil >> why is this a breakthrough? >> i think the private space industry and space itself as a commercial opportunity represents tremendous new opportunity to -- opportunities for new services and products and jobs to be developed and deployed from the united states gives us a chance to have a new kind of industry even nasa being a customer for space x. >> that is how they make their money? >> they have other governments and private sector organizations that are recognizing we like to take a look how we can commercialize space other folks look at space tourism such as virgin galactic and others but but i think he has demonstrated he can put a rocket into space, he has delivered to payloads moving to commercial payloads and i think you'll open a whole new category for commercial space people tell understand you could make pharmaceuticals or products in zero gravity
Nov 27, 2013 10:00am EST
for the bottom fast. >> i would like to pile on with a slight twist and this is a technology angle to the whole thing. there will be lone wolf packs, usually there is someone helping on the side. since mankind groups together and crawled out of the cave, well-documented that a certain percentage of us of any population or society is just nuts and those postal and kills people. so whether it is motivated by ideology or just somebody going over the edge, getting a gun and killing a handful of people, it is part of human nature. the question, however, is as technology provides tools to these terrorists or nuts to do harm and as that technology gets better and better and more available, the impact of those will lone wolves or lone wolf packs grows exponentially. a few guns or a hand full of hand grenades or even a panel truck full of fertilizer, you could killed dozens, maybe hundreds of people. one person can kill 700 people. timothy mcveigh is one of the most successful lone wolfs we had in a hundred years. he killed hundreds of people. technology is making available today, what technology 20 yea
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am EST
to implement. these harmonize standards for investment in accessible technology and help us achieve positive return on investment. finally, it helps the u.s. ability to continue to lead innovation more wide as crpd country's interest the accessibility leadership and our ability to influence them is diminishing. onto the policy benefits it is no exaggeration to say that in many cases policies make markets. the u.s. section 508 is a great example. prior to the enactment of the federal procurement policy the accessibility marketplace was not an investment priority but section 508, the buying power of the u.s. government have transformed the marketplace and played a major role in defining it as on a shoestring government and business requirement. u.s. ratification of crpd will have a similar effect. in addition by prioritizing equal education and technology for people with disabilities the crpd will create a larger talent pool of knowledge workers with disabilities enabling companies like ibm to hire the best talent and meeting requirements associated with in beijing policies like section 503 of
Nov 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
bring down costs for computers. if there are competing technologies on the plane or offer to a carrier, right, they can negotiate get better prices for the service and theoretically pass that on to consumers. >> reporter: just about everyone agrees on one thing it's current rules are outdated. the f.c.c. will vote on the proposal in mid-december. jim, if they approve, it will be up to the airlines to decide whether to follow the recommendations. >> axelrod: jeff pegues in washington, thank you. let's breng in our cbs news travel editor peter greenberg. peter, i can't imagine a phone conversation at 35,000 feet being conducted in anything other than a loud voice, and that could create a little bit of tension in the cabin. >> could, probably will, because, remember, this is not a technical issue because there is no technical problem. the technology has been available for many, many years it's not an aviation safety issue. it's a social issue. it's about invasion of privacy and good manners at 35,000 feet and when you introduce a phone conversation into that, who knows what's going to hap
Nov 29, 2013 2:30pm PST
cameras were two big and the technology the digital technology was hopeless and impossible but in the last few years bits become possible and he puts 9 cameras on the side of his car he didn't want them on on top of each other. this is to emphasize this is 9 different prospective. this is 9 point prospective staved a one point prospective and he's going down the road you obviously can't see it i can't show you a video reproduction. he does the same route over and over again. it's a remarkable thing almost disturbing to me. i hold with german ray in her when says that representation or reality this is his idea of digital technology it's leelt is not the thing that can be not be represented. he can't magician something as vivid as realities. and it's one of the things i want to explore owe november 23rd when we have folks from silicon valley. it looks good but i has images of 18 screens going along the side of the road and they've never looked so vivid. where the doors of prospective cleans we'll see the world. there's a vitality in those images that surpass not only what other citizen ma do
Nov 24, 2013 10:30pm PST
for joining us the general services administrations is to deliver the best technology services to the government and american people. critical parts are providing with that,s that preserve the integrity off our historic fats and incorporating the design features all have been integrated. those of us who work here about work in a historically more than building. the m public works will homicide a place in his. at the history it dates back to 17952 when it was commissions to design is a new this. this federal building is within the center complex. after the earthquake of 18906 devastated many buildings it was transformed offering a promise of a now a fundamental humane city. this was designed by before a began in 1933 and was complete in 1936. the 77 his is unique including the historic oral office of chester. thanks it to the recovery act it's a beacon to achieve a plaque. in other words, this historic building has received a new life and it proudly takes it's police radios with the jackson's r. browning an, an effort to revitalize san francisco market street corridor. this hist
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 10:00pm EST
to the stores. i hope my wife is listening. if you must spend. we must show you cool technology. including a drone. next. >> americans are shifting their focus from thanksgiving to holiday shopping. a lot of them will spend money on new technology. a survey shows shoppers will spend half of their gift-giving budget on consumer electronics. some of what they are looking at is crazy. you can buy a drone for that special someone. let's get a run down of the best technology with katy linendoll. 40% want tablets and smartphones and will buy for others. >> $738 billion to be spent in holiday sales. coming from electronics and gadgets. tablets and smartphones are the obvious. another year is the race between apple and samsung. all the big companies wants to piece of pie. nokia wants a piece of pie. a lot to be made with tablets and smartphones. this is the ipad mini combined. >> t this is nice, i travel with this. it's a cool case. you have the blue tooth capabilities, it's been accessories. >> and the fact that you could use it. that makes it incredibly easy. >> fun for kids and adults. >> this
Nov 26, 2013 8:00am EST
they are approaching virtual currencies as an emerging technology. this is included looking at how they are coordinating together to develop a whole-of-government approach that is consistent and informed. virtual currencies, perhaps most notably bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others and confused the heck out of the rest of us. including me. indeed, based on conversations that my staff and i have had with dozens, maybe more, dozens of individuals both inside and outside of government, it is clear that the knowledge and expectation gaps are wide. fundamental questions remain about what a virtual currency actually is, how it should be treated and what the future holds. virtual currency can best be described as digital cash. it is generated by computers, lives on the internet and can be used to purchase real and digital goods across the world. some proponents believe that digital currencies can prove valuable to those in developing cups without -- countries without access to stable financial systems. others believe it could prove to be the next genera
Nov 26, 2013 10:00pm EST
for power plants, you set levels for coal-fired plants based on the use of carbon capturing technologies and you did not require that same technology for gas fired power plants. by requiring this for the coal units only, are we applying a standard that is higher regarding the carbon that is emitted from the coal generated power? it just sounds like this is not an all of the above energy plan. it seems to single out coal for punitive treatment. can this really be defended as a transparent and equitable application of the clean air act? like the administration that you testify for, they support opportunities in natural gas and soda water, and i support them also for the new coal fire plants. cold and liquids. all the reasons that the epa has for declining to define these technologies to be the best system for gas-fired units and apply with equal force and so why require it and it strikes me that the answer to that question is to set a precedent. the epa is under a consent to create and issue new source performance standards for refineries in the near future and will that rule the best syst
Nov 27, 2013 2:00am EST
on science space technology will come to order. welcome everyone to today's hearing entitled strengthening transparency and accountability within the environmental protection agency. i'm going to recognize myself for five minutes for an opening statement and then i will recognize the ranking member for hers. the environmental protection agency like every other governmental institution should answer to the american people. everyone agrees that we need to protect the environment but we should do so in a way that is open and honest. democracy requires transparency and accountability. yet the epa's justifications for its regulations are cloaked in secret science. it appears the epa bends the law instructs as the signs to justify its own objectives. americans impacted by the agency's regulations have the right to see the data and determine for themselves independently that these regulations are based on sound science or a partisan agenda. the epa's agenda to expand its reach across the u.s. represents a troubling trend. for example take epa's current attempt to redefine its jurisdiction under t
Nov 25, 2013 10:00am EST
that raises technology issues firstly? and what potential with this option ever increasing enrollment? >> that's a great question. i don't think hhs ever intended for health care that got to be the single channel for enrollment. and they don't think they ever anticipated they would be the single channel for enrollment in 30 plus states. so there's a provision in the law that allows carriers and web brokers like e-health and get insured and others to direct enroll consumers directly from their platform into the exchange. and when i said to enroll, enroll in a plan that the carrier is offered or a plan that the web broker is offering. there's been a lot of confusion in the media about this since the president sort of announced direct enrollment has been obscure and has been a lot of information about it. so really how it works and hhs is providing the technology to the federally-facilitated marketplace states and these technologies are called apis, and allow the carriers and the web brokers to plug into the ffm and to direct enroll. there's been some confusion and misrepresentation in the media
Nov 28, 2013 10:30am PST
of the energy industry's latest fad in secret if fossil fuel deposits. the glacier a three d printing technology has bought the guns day in america are often workable fire on the success for the tree and three philadelphia has become the fifth u s c c companion nice in springfield guns report on attitude to anyone could see him on a high chair weapons high the fan. brits shooting range in austin texas is normally packed with god. enthusiasts. today the difference is that these men are firing rounds with the do it yourself. fire the world's first three d printed metal god. we wanted to showcase the abilities of what direct metal can do and what better way than find something that i can withstand a bite to eat tolerance. check your seat all wrapped into one which in america everybody knows us far. much later is going to court the gear solid concept stop company specializing in three d printing paper and three the rt was granted an exclusive pour out their austen facility which those tend to read the industrial printers and a glimpse of our technological future. these are all the three credit cards
Nov 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
if it wanted to do something. technology has become tiny sophisticated but is also very controversial well the the reports of civilian deaths in usj strikes in yemen and focused on only the name of full on terror. russia is determined not to get down that road although it doesn't want the technology. so it's interface for russian energy but with some pf boundaries obama crave salty the egyptian student has been killed several other people wounded and street violence in the country's capital cairo police using tear gas and water cannons to break up a rally outside cairo university. all details coming away from rt still true. stevens and his hawks jail sentences given to twenty one women in academic sunday. you said you know tell you that the protesting suppose it isn't as president muhammad more seeds toasted until i bought them a treat last fourteen days when and how to get in and that he is in tampa supposedly holding hands with assaulting police officers the only respite is fifteen years old seeks to use our savings into the deep announced consistent stance they stayed they would just pr
Nov 25, 2013 3:30pm PST
is built on technology and really save in community because community is what yelp is all about. yelps success is living proof that american business doesn't want just service a small community but this whole community. from the beginning this torrid company acknowledged that this can be a good model of bits. and certainly there's no befrt place to test this model but in san francisco. consider where we are today 140 new montgomery street stand for innovation. the first sky skrarpt to be in san francisco. it was then the pacific telephone company. i've been using caving stone as means of communication but that was the innovation of the day. that was here in 1929 that, sir winston churchill made a telephone call for his 21st wedding anniversary he said why say the age of migraines it past it's just the beginning to today, we mark a new beginning it's called the monument for talk it's called yelp. today, we have the opportunity to celebrate the now global company community community community how many communities jeremy. while millions of companies understand how yelp can help to change
Nov 25, 2013 4:00am EST
to explore how regulators are keeping up with this technological innovation to protect consumers. i've got a full statement here but i actually have to acknowledge that i've been following this development of bit coins for the last two months. i would think i'm only starting to wrap my head around the potential upside, downside, regulatory issues, monetary policy issues, taxation issues, consumer protection issues that this innovation represents. rather than going through my whole thing, i'll point out to the witnesses that back in 1982 i had the opportunity to get engaged in a new industry at that point that was on the cutting edge of an industry called cyber telephones. all of the experts at that point thought it would take the world 30 years to develop out a wireless network. and at the end of that five years, about 30% of americans would use them. luckily for me the experts were wrong. and now these devices transform our lives. getting it right from all the regulatory, financial, consumer points around virtual currencies, bitcoin in particular, could pose as great if not greater challe
Nov 28, 2013 7:00am PST
to the experts new technologies will make the work easier for people and in some cases replace human labor. so how does that this was a test which can be tricky police to buy an armature with special folks now there's a special instrument for armature binding and replaces the group of seven people. it produces one thousand joints per hour. this machine makes it easier for people to construction the thai requirements. we need to raise productive in a new kit pawlenty people's lives the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. and for two years in the movie coz its ninety market has been demonstrating quite high growth rates. according to the experts are a celtic star rating agencies since the beginning of the spirit then mount the tools and services provided by local ip companies has increased by thirty eight percent presently experts are pleading for the financial statements for the first six months of twenty thirteen however they are convinced that the results will be impressive. if you think about them i look in as the days till the abc company which is prep
Nov 25, 2013 2:30pm PST
is rich in small batch and boutique on up to advanced >> technology will have a role in all of that as well. if you see this company 3-d technology for example, willing regulation in his the way we looked engineering systems because you could see it. auto desk is growing rapidly in san francisco they just opened up another portion of their work on pier 9. we're all talking about advanced manufacturing >> no longer have the machines but the machines are operating with an ipad and your reading out precision cutting everybody from chocolates to clothing to manufactured products so extension is going to play a big thing in manufacturing. >> if you're joining us think on the radio we're talking about economic growth and we have ed lee mayor of san francisco and the bruce cats from the washington area. let's talk about enlightenment change and building green cities and a low carbon future away from fossil fultsdz fuels. mayor lee what is san francisco doing your projection was a leader and you're not out there as much what is san francisco doing to modify tarnished a low carbon
Nov 29, 2013 12:00am PST
and went to work for them. >> yup. i was chief technology officer there. i worked very closely with bill and steve and others. and it will always have a part of my heart. and it's still an incredibly strong, strong company. it was some great internal values. but i think it's lost its way in a few dimensions. >> rose: well, you should know why. >> it's hard to know why. i think it's a better try say how. one is there's so many different agendas it's working on. >> rose: nathan myhrvold for the hour. next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: nathan myhrvold is here. he is the c.e.o. and co-founder of intellectual ventures. for many years he was the chief technology officer at microsoft. he was known as one of the most visionary technology and business leaders anywhere. he is also a culinary pioneer. his newest project is "modernist cuisine" in which he explores the science of cooking. he recently published his third book on the subject. it is called "the photography of modernist cuisine!" it's a visual window into hi
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 1:00am EST
spend. we must show you cool we must show you cool technology. technology. including a drone. including a drone. >> al jazeera's >> al jazeera's investigative unit investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact... >> stories that have impact... that make a difference... that make a difference... that open your world... that open your world... >> this is what we do... >> this is what we do... >> america tonight >> america tonight weeknights 9et / 6pt weeknights 9et / 6pt only on al jazeera america only on al jazeera america >> and now a techknow minute... >> and now a techknow minute... >> americans are shifting their >> americans are shifting their focus from thanksgiving to focus from thanksgiving to holiday shopping. holiday shopping. a lot of them will spend money a lot of them will spend money on new on new technology. technology. a survey shows shoppers will a survey shows shoppers will spend half of their gift-giving spend half of their gift-giving budget on consumer electronics. budget on consumer electronics. some o
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 9:00am EST
cool we must show you cool technology. technology. including a drone. including a drone. power power of the people until we restore of the people until we restore our freedoms and rights. our freedoms and rights. on this occasion i would like to on this occasion i would like to honour the memory of those who honour the memory of those who have fallen, and i appreciate have fallen, and i appreciate and pray to those and pray to those who have been who have been injured injur injured, offering condolences to injured, offering condolences to their families, assuring them their families, assuring them that that their blood will water the their blood will water the tree of freedom for the tree of freedom for the homeland. homeland. here ends the here ends the message. message. president. president. the president reiterated to us the president reiterated to us that he is holding steadfast and that he is holding steadfast and adhering to his legitimacy as adhering to his legitimacy as the lawful legal president of the lawful legal president of egypt. egypt. this was a message this was a mes
Nov 27, 2013 10:00am PST
the first time and your ilk surveillance radar has been fully developed using home grown technology. the defense acquisition agency plans to replace all existing aerial surveillance radars on the korean peninsula with indigenous plants based on the success of this project the air force will also purchase four units of aerial tankers from overseas and efforts to beef up the need to hear defenses. after holding a meeting presided over by defence minister combined seen on wednesday the defense acquisition agency announced the launch bits from generate twenty fourteen and select the most suitable contender within one year through product evaluations. defence acquisition agency spokesman peter young said the aerial tankers once deployed will bolster combat capabilities like expanding the operation times a fighter jet flying long distances including key areas near taupo filling and he'll go by more than one hour. it also allow for the loading conventional weaponry and to the fuel currently korea's most advanced fighter jets and fifteen k it can operate for thirty minutes over cocoa and fo
Nov 29, 2013 10:00am PST
missile technology. yes nuclear technology. tehran's nuclear program is very advanced. far more advanced than north korea but it is peaceful. and over the last decade. the iranian nuclear program has reached a stage where it is now. industrial and to therefore on the run is in no need. of the anime expertise from any such country. wine talking to me that this week with the p five plus one countries the united states britain china russia france and germany. she brought me to limit its new program in exchange for lighter economic sanctions. rhonda said the deal signals a political shift in the middle east with the us trying to mend ties with iraq after witnessing chaos the country say that once considered allies such as egypt and libya the united states is facing a difficult situation. in the west asia north africa and are therefore i think the united states is beginning to recognize that it means you're on a lot more than its parts in order to bring back stability to the region. speaking backgrounds experience iran he said that best solution to the north korean new clear issue. as for the
Nov 24, 2013 3:30am PST
, it moving into hardware and fti did not produce its deliverables. existing technology and applications make much of it redundant and duplicative. there's an obvious bias in here in favor of the intrusive and costly fti on board devices. given the past action there's no reason to believe fti will work with the industry to use existing data sources going forward and this is a waste. i'd like to turn your attention. >> i had prepared some remarks but i perceive that the question is really who is going to get the contract or whether the contract is going to be issued. unless you do something the cab companies will continue to fail to resolve the issue. each one wants to be on the top. the companies's criticisms are correct against an untried company. that makes a lot of sense. they are making the argument that is best for them to make. fly wheel's representative revealed fly wheel's problem. they make sure they don't have any drivers who don't reflect well on them and they are completely wrong about who their customers are. the drivers are their customers and unless fly wheel behaves accordingl
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